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Therapeutic Music Programmes


In our professional Basement 13 Studio we offer music tuition on the guitar, keyboard, bass, drums, music theory and professional recording techniques


Our Therapeutic Music Programmes have proved to be most effective in helping to encourage the creative person inside - which can improve self-esteem and confidence for many clients accessing our support. In the process they often discover a musical talent that had lain hidden for so long!

Make and learn music in a safe, supportive professional environment: one-to-one or as part of a group, relishing the social and creative pleasure of working with others.

Record your own tracks or the music of others and create your own recording.

Absolutely no experience or musical background is necessary: you will be guided, supported and encouraged throughout each activity – within a safe space – working with professional music therapists and tutors.

You also have the opportunity to socialise and make friends with a diverse group of people: and along with the way develop transferable life skills such as teamwork and communication, as your confidence and self-esteem grow as a result. 

Many of our Clients have gone on to become involved within the community as volunteers or get back into education or paid employment – and in the process achieve increased wellbeing. And you'll have fun along the way….


Music Therapy


We count ourselves fortunate in having on our team one of the UK's leading qualified Music Therapists, who acts as your music tutor as well as having a deep understanding and extensive track record in using Music within Psychotherapy. 

Research has overwhelmingly demonstrated how therapeutic it can be to take part in creative musical activities. As well as giving you a great sense of achievement, the sense of artistic expression - as well as developing a skill you didn't even know you had! - is itself therapeutic and highly satisfying.

Involvement in music can help to:

  • relieve stress and tension in the body
  • gain a sense of control
  • achieve a sense of freedom or escapism
  • practice mindfulness


Music Production - DJ-ing - Mixing


Start making computer-based music with an intuitive, powerful Digital Audio Workstation. Our primary tool is the Studio One production programme because it is easy to use, quick to learn and has great workflow for fast and easy music production; alongside that we use other computer-based production programmes such as Ableton Live and Melodyne

Work with a Producer/Tutor with 10 years’ experience in:

  • Teaching Basic to Professional level operations in Studio One and other computer-based music production programmes
  • Creating new songs and projects
  • Adding instruments, loops and effects
  • Recording tracks: yours, and other artists
  • Dj-ing, mixing and remixing
  • Editing midi and audio
  • Electonic music, Hip-hop and EDM
  • Mixing and mastering.
  • Distributing and selling your music online.

We run sessions here in our Basement 13 Studio, and have started an Outreach Programme which sees us taking the teaching into the community - in schools, for example, to support the curriculum.


To find out more, or to book a session with our Music Tutors or Therapists contact us.


Sound Of SWADS


Sound Of SWADS is our weekly radio station!

Participants meet every week in our Basement 13 Studio to produce original content including interviews and music. 

Every month the group delivers an hour-long programme called The Art & Soul Show, broadcast on Swindon 105.5 FM