40+ Years of Dedicated Community Support
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The charity was formed in 1974 and the name has evolved over time in line with the developing services.

SWADS building in Swindon
SWADS building in Swindon

In the mid-1990s the agency was based in Victoria Road and was renamed the Swindon and Wiltshire Alcohol and Drug Service to better reflect the direction of its work.

At this time there was also a move away from volunteer active listeners to more professional counsellors who came to SWADS for their experiential development as part of obtaining a higher qualification. SWADS became well known for its training and support of ‘counselling professionals in training’. During this time SWADS was able to negotiate longer contracts and a period of stability was established where projects were able to develop over more time and provide an even greater impact.

A major development was the move to Milton Road and the purchase of two buildings, which were adapted for both group work and individual counselling, enabling SWADS to provide a rounded and robust service. Professional counsellors now supported individuals and the SWADS team facilitated the group work and individual care planning.

We recognised that there was a gap in service provision to support boredom and isolation so in 2009, SWADS was excited to add to its service provision an art and music project. We redeveloped our basement to create a music studio and our attic rooms were changed to facilitate an art studio. As part of the client’s recovery we realised how important it was to develop new interests and rebuild confidence and self-esteem through meaningful activities.

In 2014 a successful application to the Big Lottery Foundation meant that we could expand our music studio to create a larger and more modern space, which also enabled us to update the art studios.

In April 2016 SWADS made the decision to return to its core strengths and values. In line with our new vision for SWADS we have changed our name to Supporting Wellbeing and Developing Stability which we feel better reflects the new direction. This incorporates not only addiction but anything that may be affecting health and wellbeing on any level. We recognise that everyone has different needs, therefore all clients have an initial personal assessment and a tailored care plan to support their wellbeing.

We have truly exciting plans for the future to provide new and enhanced services for the Community we serve.

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